6 Nov

The different between energy saving curtains and traditional curtains

We have a great visual enjoyment on the pretty curtain appearance, at the same time we want to have a multi-functional curtain for home decor to have a better life. Compare to traditional curtain, energy saving curtains obviously are better. Bellow are some different between traditional curtains and energy saving curtain.

Curtain appearance quality

From curtain appearance quality, energy saving curtains are elegant looking have variety of features, such as variety styles, beautiful colors and fashion design idea. Traditional curtains mainly meaning of festival theme color of Chinese red appeals warm atmosphere. Curtains are usually made of thick fabric and very few style can choose from. Traditional curtains are best for elder’ bedroom occasion.


Energy saving curtain is good for health

For health quality, energy saving curtain is good for health for which can block out the strong sunlight out to keep room cool in summer and prevent cold wind enter the room in winter to keep room warm by saving heat from reducing. Adjust the inside temperature.

Energy saving curtain usually made of specially material great at air permeability and weaken the strong light, saving us from UV hurting. But traditional curtain does not work at anti-UV.

energy saving curtains

These are some different between energy saving curtains and traditional curtains. Because of the different features, curtains have many different styles in the market for us to choose from. We can choose our own curtain style from so many choices.

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